BOTOX® vs. Jeuveau™: A Year Later

Two women side by side comparing BOTOX® Cosmetic & Jeuveau™.

It’s been a year since BOTOX competitor Jeuveau arrived in aesthetic practices in the Spring of 2019. Nicknamed “Newtox” by its manufacturer, Jeuveau was the first anti-wrinkle treatment to emerge in 10 years, joining Dysport® and XEOMIN®, in addition to BOTOX. At our Portland, OR, practice, patients often ask about which is the better option.

The answer varies from patient to patient because people respond differently to each product. BOTOX has dominated the wrinkle treatment market since it became the first injectable approved by the FDA to treat “dynamic” wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are the lines that gradually develop due to the movement of facial muscles when we change expressions.

What Are Neurotoxins?

Many of the patients we see for wrinkle-reducing treatments are a bit surprised to learn that not all injectables work the same way. Even though fillers and products such as Jeuveau and BOTOX have essentially the same goals—minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles—they accomplish those goals in very different ways.

Neurotoxins such as BOTOX and Jeuveau work by temporarily immobilizing the tiny facial muscles used when we squint, frown, smile, express surprise, or make any other facial expression. Over time, the repeated movements of these muscles create lines such as crow’s feet, worry lines (the “11s”), and horizontal forehead wrinkles.

Some patients in their mid- to late-20s even get BOTOX or Jeuveau injections (with lower doses) to postpone the development of these lines by limiting the movement of the facial muscles.

Fillers, on the other hand, are gels that replace volume lost as part of the aging process. Think of nasolabial folds or hollows under the eyes. What the injectables share in common is that they provide temporary results and require patients to schedule touch-up treatments to maintain the desired appearance.

What’s the Difference Between BOTOX and Jeuveau?

The 2 products, which are derived from different strains of the same toxin, work very similarly. Both are approved by the FDA, and Jeuveau’s excellent safety profile is similar to that of BOTOX. One notable difference is that Jeuveau is approved for use exclusively for cosmetic treatments, while BOTOX has several different uses not related to wrinkle reduction. For example, BOTOX is FDA-approved to treat excessive underarm sweating and migraine headaches.

Choosing BOTOX or Jeuveau

As you can probably tell, both products can safely and effectively minimize dynamic wrinkles. The choice of brand typically comes down to your goals and preferences. One anti-wrinkle treatment isn’t better than another, but some patients respond to certain products better than others. Having a highly trained and experienced injector perform the treatments ensures you’re comparing apples to apples. Our nurse injectors regularly have this discussion with patients at our Portland plastic surgery practice. They can also recommend combining fillers with BOTOX or Jeuveau injections to create comprehensive results.

The best way to know whether Jeuveau is right for you is to request a consultation at MDBeautyLab in Portland. Or give us a call at (503) 292-9200 to schedule an appointment. We often have specials on injectable treatments, and you can check our website to take advantage of these offers.

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