What Causes a Double Chin and How to Get Rid of It

Woman feeling self conscious of double chin

The double chin can be frustrating because it can affect anyone, regardless of weight. Patients often complain that their double chins make them look heavy, even though they are not overweight. In this post, we will talk about what causes a double chin—also called submental fat—and ways to remedy this issue, like an injectable called KYBELLA® offered at our Portland practice.

What causes a double chin?

  • Genetics: Some people are genetically predisposed to having a double chin. Genetics can greatly influence the structure of your face and whether or not you have more fullness in the chin area. There is no way to alter your genetics, but there are ways to correct your double chin.
  • Naturally storing fat: There are certain places on the body that store extra fat; beneath the chin is one of them. Often even a few extra pounds can cause fat in the submental area to become more prominent.
  • Age: Your age plays a major role in developing a double chin. As we get older the muscles in our face become lax and our skin becomes thinner. This can cause a drooping or saggy look to the submental area.
  • Posture: Good posture is not only important for taking care of your back and spine, but it can also can affect the appearance of a double chin. If you tend to slump forward with your chin angled to your chest, you will exacerbate the appearance of a double chin.

What can remedy a double chin?

  • Exercise: First of all, a healthy diet and frequent exercise will positively affect your body as a whole. There are also exercises specifically meant for shrinking your double chin. These include simple movements like standing neck rolls, which involve slowly rotating your head in circles, alternating directions.
  • Nonsurgical treatments: In our last post, we talked about CoolSculpting, a procedure that uses controlled cooling panels to target localized fat deposits. This can be a great option for correcting a double chin. If you are interested in this treatment, check out this ColSculpting blog post for more information. We also offer KYBELLA®, an FDA-approved injectable that breaks down unwanted fat cells under the chin. After the treatment, the fat cells are gradually absorbed by the body and flushed out naturally.
  • Surgical intervention: As an alternative to nonsurgical treatments, there is also the surgical option: liposuction. Liposuction can provide precise fat reduction and has immediate results. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia and requires a short recovery period.

People concerned about loose skin, wrinkles, or other signs of aging above the neck can gain excellent results with BOTOX® Cosmetic or injectable fillers. Read this blog post to learn about the differences of these two treatments.

If you are interested in one of the treatments listed above or want more information about how to combat a double chin, request a consultation online or give us a call at (503) 292-9200. We are happy to help you find the right procedure for you.

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