Getting the Most Out of Your Injectable Fillers

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You know that maintaining a good skincare routine is always important, but solid habits are important for more than just a clear complexion. A regular routine, bolstered by effective products, can actually help you maintain the results of your clinical treatments, including injectables. We’ll discuss here ways to maximize the return you get on your investment of dermal fillers or BOTOX® Cosmetic here in Portland.

Do you know what today’s top injectable options are? In our office, we use these products most frequently:

  • BOTOX Cosmetic: With an average lifespan of up to 6 months, BOTOX is the shortest-lived of the injectables. However, its effectiveness and versatility keep it incredibly popular.
  • JUVÉDERM®: If you’re familiar with this family of products, you know that it comes in several iterations. For example, JUVÉDERM VOLUMA, which is used to add volume to the cheeks, can last for up to 2 years. Regular JUVÉDERM is most frequently used to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds, and its results last for about 6 months.
  • Restylane®: Like JUVÉDERM, Restylane is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that is also available in a variety of formations. It has similar longevity to JUVÉDERM products, and each product’s “lifespan” largely depends on where it’s injected. Areas that see a lot of movement tend to have shorter-lived results.

Extend Your Results

So what can you do to get the most from your injectable treatment? We’re glad you asked! Our most important tip is one you’ve already heard a million times before (and we hope you’re following diligently): wear SPF! Hands down, wearing daily sun protection is the most beneficial action you can take to improve your skin and protect it from future damage. Don’t let winter weather or cloudy days deter you. UV rays easily break through clouds, and the glare caused by overcast weather can actually make their intensity worse. Sunscreen is vitally important every single day. Making application a habit can help your skin stay soft and resilient, and will help to slow down the metabolization of your injectables.

We also love retinol products for speeding cellular turnover and aiding in collagen production. If you’re not already using a retinol, you should! Available in our ZO® Skin Health products, this vitamin A derivative is best applied nightly.

Finally, staying hydrated (especially in the winter) and getting enough sleep can help keep your skin plump. If the air in your home or office is especially dry in the wintertime, invest in a small humidifier to help keep moisture in the air. You’ll notice a difference immediately.

Choosing an experienced, certified injector such as the professionals here at Portland Plastic Surgery group is another great way to to get results that look great and last, thanks to the strategic techniques we use. Don’t forget to return to the same professionals for your maintenance treatments. Choosing a tried-and-true provider who is familiar with your face ensures a unique continuity of results that you won’t get anywhere else.

If you want to learn more about your potential with injectable treatments, request a consultation or call us at (503) 292-9200 to schedule an appointment.

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