If you are reading reviews to find a surgeon that is the best of the best, look no further! I wish that I could give more than 5 stars. Dr. Hayes and his team are outstanding, I have never received such amazing care. My procedure with Dr. Hayes was my first time ever undergoing any kind surgery, so I was extremely nervous. During the entire process he and his team made me feel comfortable, heard, and safe. Dr. Hayes has amazing attention to detail and is exceptionally thorough. He is transparent, professional, and exceptionally genuine. I have never met a doctor that cares so deeply about his patients. The results I achieved with my procedure exceeded my expectations, and my healing processes has been unbelievably smooth. My incisions are practically nonexistent! I cannot recommend him highly enough. If I chose to have any more procedures in the future, I will absolutely be back.


I recently had a breast revision with Dr. Shannon O’Brien. I was very nervous about this procedure because my first experience (somewhere else) I was not happy. My first consultation I didn’t feel rushed with her. She answered all my questions with patience, took her time explaining everything before and after surgery, even showed me different types of implants and the difference in each brand and was patient even with me having my baby with me! My results are even better than I imagined. She listened to what I wanted and now my breasts are perfect, literally! Thank you Dr. O’Brien! She is phenomenal, I would not go anywhere else!!


If you are looking for a professional plastic surgeon look no further. Dr.Hayes did such an amazing job on my breast augmentation he answered all of my questions and concerns. He was extremely informative and made sure I knew what to expect and when to expect it. Dr.Hayes also has amazing beside manners and is extremely respectful. I will recommend him to everyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon. I can’t think him enough giving me the body of my dreams.


When it comes down to it, just a great office full of warm personalities, and helpful and experienced people. Dr. Zegzula did an a-mazing job on my reduction. I couldn’t be any happier with the results, and my expectations have so far all been exceeded! Entrusting someone to do this work is hard, and I am feeling very grateful that I made the right choice with the right office and the right surgeon.


I had a procedure with Dr. Hayes and highly recommend him. His patience and kindness will quickly put you at ease. He is very honest with what your expectations should be and never puts any pressure on you to make your decision. I’ve met with other surgeons prior to seeing Dr. Hayes and left them with an uneasy feeling, but this was never the case with Dr. Hayes. Him and his staff created the easiest medical experience I’ve ever had and I am extremely satisfied with my end results. Surgery day was very comfortable and recovery was a breeze. I trust Dr. Hayes 100% and recommend his services to everyone who askes me about my experience.


I highly recommend Dr. Zegzula and his entire team. I was referred to his office from Dr. Nathalie Johnson. Dr. Johnson compled my bilateral mastectomy, and Dr. Zegzula completed my reconstruction. I recently had my exchange surgery (expanders removed and implants placed) w/ fat transfer. Both surgeries went great, and I’m very happy with the results. Dr. Zegzula is a perfectionist, and he has great surgical technique. I look better now then before I had cancer. He helped me make informed treatment decisions by throughly explaining options. His team is wonderful as well, Shannon, Cherrie, and Colleen are very caring and knowledgeable. Front office staff is very kind and welcoming. I have experienced minimal pain throughout my treatment, and couldn’t be happier with the care I received. I feel very blessed to have Dr. Zegzula for my surgeon. After my cancer diagnosis I was very scared and nervous about having to have surgery, and he immediately put me at ease. I felt very prepared for everything and couldn’t be happier.


Dr. Zegzula performed a reduction mammoplasty and I cannot express how good my experience was. He had a great bedside manner, made me comfortable with all the questions I asked, the entire staff was wonderful, and the surgery itself was so much easier than I expected.  I have a desk job, so I was back at work in one week and have had no issues of any kind.  I’m following his directions on scar care and they look great so far.
I was suffering from neck and shoulder pain and those went away the day I had the surgery.  This was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I would definitely recommend Dr. Zegzula.


I came to Dr Hayes for an abdominoplasty after being turned down by another surgeon because my 9cm diastasis recti and umbilical hernia were too severe. I showed up to the consult with a literal packet of questions to ask and he handled them all flawlessly without making me feel rushed or silly for asking about everything under the sun. Not only is he a perfectionist in his work and very knowledgeable, but he is passionate about helping people look at feel their best. I never second guessed my decision in selecting Dr Hayes throughout the entire process; I feel 100% safe and comfortable in his hands. I’d recommend Dr Hayes in a heartbeat and can’t thank him enough!


After my breast cancer diagnosis last fall, I knew I couldn’t have the surgery done here in Central Oregon. I have several friends who’ve had repeated botched reconstructive surgeries from local doctors here, and I didn’t want to risk that. One even described her chest as a “bear mauling” – heartbreaking! I knew didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror and forever see massive scars across my chest, reminding me of an incredibly hard battle with cancer.

Luckily, my radiologist here referred me to Dr. Zegzula (and my wonderful Legacy Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Nathalie Johnson) – my DREAM TEAM!! I remember them both singing me to sleep as I was going under for surgery. 🙂 I am so grateful to them both, but since this site is for Dr. Zegzula, I will focus on him.

Dr. Z is wonderful, kind, funny and very compassionate.  He’s also an incredibly gifted surgeon and cares about his patients. After having a bilateral mastectomy & reconstruction, I can honestly say Dr. Z is a genius. The results are really amazing, and I am eternally grateful that he was my surgeon.  Dr. Z is phenomenal, and everyone in the office was so kind to me throughout this whole process.


I cannot recommend Dr Hayes enough. Think of an architect going in and designing a new space, this is what Dr Hayes does with bodies. I never felt rushed at any appointment. He will listen to your concerns and make sure you are getting exactly what you want without pressuring you to get things you don’t want. I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair, liposuction, and a breast reduction with a lift. I felt very safe with him as my surgeon. He uses the best technology and techniques that make for a pretty uneventful recovery with minimal pain. I didn’t need any painkillers stronger than Ibuprofen and Tylenol. I would recommend anyone considering plastic surgery to go with Dr Hayes. I couldn’t have had a more comfortable, easy, pleasant experience.


I absolutely love Dr. O’Brien and the staff.  My face has been slayed to the heavens.  Rhinoplasty and facial feminization fat grafting.  I’m sooooo happy and thankful for my experience and results.  I vote, schedule….no need to second guess Dr. O’Brien.  I will be back for the next sesh of getting this waistline and boobs snatched.


Dr. Austin Hayes is a terrific doctor!!
I went into the consultation not knowing what to expect and was nervous about the whole experience. During the consultation, Dr. Hayes answered all my questions and provided as much information as possible regarding the procedure and recovery process. He approached every aspect of the conversation by asking what I wanted and making recommendations to help give the desired results.

He provided extensive information on how to prep for the surgery, including recommendations for meal prep and how to provide my body with the most nutrition and protein before and after.

Dr. Hayes and his staff created a calm atmosphere on the day of the surgery, and they made me feel comfortable and helped put all my nerves at ease. Afterward, they ensured I had everything I needed for my recovery, including contact information for Dr. Hayes and the nurse on staff. The following week after my surgery, they regularly checked in to ensure I was recovering well.

My recovery has been exactly as Dr. Hayes predicted. I had small incisions with minimal scarring after the surgery. I was able to walk around within the first day, and I am becoming increasingly mobile every day. I could return to most of my daily activities within a week, minus working out and lifting heavy objects. I highly recommend stocking up on Protein bars and Casein Protein Powder before your surgery. Chocolate Casein Powder is my favorite and became my new morning drink two weeks before and after the surgery.

My results are perfect!!! Better-than-expected cleavage and great shape. I am still blown away by how they turned out. I can’t stop talking about the whole experience. I highly recommend Dr. Hayes. He provides exceptional customer service, is a great plastic surgeon, and assisted with helping me have a speedy recovery.


Choosing Dr. Zegzula for my breast augmentation revision was honestly the best decision. At 60 years old I was concerned about achieving my goals and feeling secure with the outcome. I wanted to be able to fix my breast from a previous surgery, which I was never satisfied with and ended up being very unattractive. Dr. Zegzula attention to detail, surgical technique, and exceptional bedside manner exceeded my expectations, and I received the highest quality care. He made me feel comfortable to ask my many questions, and even went over pictures of what my breast augmentation would look like, and reassured me multiple times on the surgical procedure. His goal was to help me achieve my ideal image while still recommending what was best surgically for my body type (pretty narrow rib cage). My breast augmentation met all of my expectations now too months post op. No pain/swelling, and no numb areas in my breasts. My size is symmetrical and proportionate to my body type. Not only is Dr. Zegzula a great surgeon, he is incredibly kind, caring, and a fantastic listener. He has exceeded all of my expectations of a top notch surgeon!


I recently had a 360 degree abdominoplasty and could not be happier! I waited for many years to have this done and spent quite a bit of time searching for the right surgeon. I found that surgeon in Dr. Austin Hayes! My husband went with me to the consultation and felt very comfortable with Dr. Hayes. He patiently explained the pros and cons of the projected procedures (tummy tuck vs. abdominoplasty with lower body lift). He thoroughly answered all of our questions. From the very first appointment, throughout the surgery and recovery process Dr. Hayes and his entire team have been courteous and professional. His team (especially Nurse Brittany ) has been very responsive and compassionate in my sometimes needy questions. I would recommend Dr. Hayes and team to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon.


I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now since I don’t feel I gave Dr Obrien the thank you she really deserved in person.

I had a broken nose from the time I was about 13 up until I was 28. I couldn’t breathe out of one nostril as well as had a good sized bump on one side of my nose and the whole thing sat at a crooked angle somewhat. I went to see Dr. Obrien and was pleased that she took her time to really inspect my nasal problems as well as took the time to really listen. I learned a lot about the problems with my nasal air ways and was pleased to have the whole interaction feel like a collaboration rather than a “this is what were gonna do” feel.

My goal was to fix the problem without coming out the other end looking like I had had surgery. She told me what she wanted to do, I told her what I wanted to do, and we came to a consensus in the middle that I felt really good about. Its nice to feel that the person who’s going to permanently change your face has your goals and best interests in mind!

Post surgery, my face and nose were a little swollen and through the swelling i felt it still looked somewhat crooked. Even during my last examination appointment I have to admit I wasn’t 100% certain wed accomplished what wed set out to do but she assured me that even though I was about a month post surgery that there still was a bit of swelling and she was definitely right!

Today when I look at it, it looks exactly how Id hoped. Stick straight, no bump, breathing feels clear. Im truly truly happy with the result and would recommend Dr Obrien to ANYBODY. Period.


Dr. Hayes is hands down the best surgeon in the Portland market-I met with Dr. Hayes before the surgery for my consult and he was very courteous, answered my questions and made me feel that he was in fact, the best choice for my surgery.
Dr. Hayes post-surgery checked in with me regularly – is very easy to reach for even the smallest question and responds back right away and made recovery very easily. Post-surgery within a few hours I was back up and felt amazing. My biggest concern was seeing scars and Dr. Hayes did a fantastic job and I can hardly see that I have any scars- for those that know I had surgery all said that it looks natural and couldn’t tell that I had implants.
The staff and Dr. Hayes are very caring, professional and I am extremely happy with my results and glad I made the decision to get my surgery done with Dr. Hayes.


Dr Zegzula performed my bilateral mastectomy reconstruction. He also performed fat grafting to give my implants a more natural appearance. I am extremely pleased with not only the absolutely beautiful results but the process was extremely smooth. I believe Dr Zegzula to without question be one of the best plastic surgeons in his field. He is extraordinarily talented, experienced and intelligent. He was kind and reassuring and his entire office staff and assistants were fantastic. He spent a lot of time answering my questions and quelling any anxiety I had. I would without any hesitation recommend him to anyone needing post mastectomy reconstruction or wanting an augmentation. I would give him more than five stars if it were an option. I have personally seen multiple reconstructions he has performed and everyone selecting him as their surgeon is very very happy. The man is an absolute genius.


I don’t think this text box is big enough for all the wonderful things I have to say about Dr. Hayes and his staff! Such a kind welcoming group of people and Dr. Hayes is very patient and answered all questions and concerns both I and my mom had regarding my procedure. I felt completely comfortable from the moment we had our first discussion and knew that he was a very knowledgeable and confident physician. The procedure went just as planned and everything healed beautifully. I highly recommend Dr. Hayes and anyone he is in business with. Even during Covid restrictions Dr. Hayes made sure I had everything I needed post procedure, and I was always quickly responded to when I reached out with questions, both before and after my procedure.


First visit with Dr Baltrusch was such a positive experience and a 180 degrees from the experience I had at another area clinic (I am not using). I feel 100% confident in Dr Baltrusch, he was also very kind and open to many questions. I look forward to my surgery now.


I’ve been in touch with Dr. Hayes for three months now gearing up for my tummy tuck. 5 stars all around! He’s made the process thus far, calming and reassuring. This is my first surgery of this magnitude and as nervous as I am; I feel assured and at ease about Dr. Austin Hayes being my surgeon.


I never thought I’d be in the market for a plastic surgeon. But then I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and was facing the reality of having a double mastectomy. Suddenly I found myself in the middle of a lot of big choices. I can’t say how fortunate I am to have gotten on board with Dr Zegzula. I felt heard and taken care of. I also can’t say enough about how amazing his staff is. Any time I called with questions everything was clearly explained to me (and in a compassionate way). I now am 6 months post reconstruction and I am amazed at what he was able to give me. He indeed is a talented surgeon. I thank my lucky stars every day.


I received plenty of feedback on changes to make as opposed to just being turned around.


The staff has been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Dr. Baltrusch was professional, explained the procedures thoroughly and answered all questions I had.


As a breast cancer patient, I needed to have the highest confidence in my doctors. It is such an emotional & physical journey, so having the best surgeons was imperative.  Dr Zegzula & Dr Nathalie Johnson (oncology surgeon) otherwise known as the “dream team” came highly recommended from their fellow doctors, nurses, & previous patients. Dr Zegzula took the time to walk me through my options, dry my tears, counsel me with my choice & provided all the information I needed for a healthy recovery.  He is an excellent surgeon and passionate about his work. He wants each patient to have good experience with very happy results. My new “girls” are cancer free & look great. I highly recommend Portland Plastic Surgery, all their staff & Dr Zegzula. You can choose them with confidence.


I am so pleased with the work of Dr. Shannon O’Brien.
She is an extremely diligent, efficient professional plastic surgeon. I had a revision of a bilateral mastectomy done in 2006. She explained the procedure and prognosis patiently. The results are so natural. She harvested my own fat meticulously. I would trust her with any procedure. Her office staff are kind and efficient. I am a nurse and would love helping her in any way. She works with an amazing anesthesiologist. I only needed Tylenol post op. The Providence Hospital she used was St. Vincent. People there are not profit motivated. I always feel safe there. It is immaculate. Having had one post op infection I know how important cleanliness and technique are to a speedy recovery. I am so lucky to have found this woman and grateful to live next door to her beautiful Portland office


How do I begin to express my admiration for this amazing young Doctor. I met Dr Hayes when I scheduled a consultation for some body work after weight loss. After he examined me, he referred me on to a surgeon in Southern California explaining that this guy was the best for what I needed. Immediately I was impressed with Dr Hayes’ level of integrity. Well, it gets better. I returned from Ca. with an open wound that needed the care of a surgeon. I was turned down by two other Doctors before I contacted Dr. Hayes who immediately fit me into his schedule, treated my wound, promised me followup if needed and sent me on my way feeling and healing much better. Did I mention that I am a nurse and have worked with many surgeons? This is one special man and I have no hesitation recommending him.


Dr. Zegzula performed my breast augmentation surgery about 6 months ago and did a wonderful job.  Before selecting him, I did an extensive amount of research and feel confident that he is one of the best doctors in the area.  During my initial consultation as well as during each of my following visits Dr. Zegzula was patient, knowledgeable, and made me feel at ease.

In my natural state, I have almost no breast tissue and wanted this surgery in order to acquire a modest, natural-looking, size increase.  In consulting with the doctor about my goals, we agreed that the best way to achieve this look would be to go with a shaped 310 cc silicon implant below the muscle, through an inframammary incision.  I went from being pretty much flat-chested to a perky 32C.  Since the surgery, my breasts have settled nicely and they look/feel amazing –I am thrilled the results.  I would highly recommend Dr. Zegzula to anyone.


I saw Dr. Hayes for a breast augmentation and from the very first time I met him I knew I was in great hands! From the consultation to our follow up appointments he made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Hayes is very personable and took his time to answer all of my questions. I never felt rushed or pressured. He also very realistic with me and was honest when I asked his option. On surgery day he could tell that I was very anxious/nervous but made it such an easy process. The surgery was a breeze and recovery has not been terrible at all. He is so quick at responding to texts/emails and really reassures and gives you peace of mind. He is very confident in himself and in his work and I trust him 100%. I highly recommend Austin Hayes as he is the best in the biz! If breast augmentation is something you are looking into, consult with him ASAP!!!


The staff at this office is excellent! I felt welcomed as soon as I entered the door. I went to see Dr Zegzula for a breast augmentation consultation. I was so impressed by him and his assistant Shannon (I’m sorry I don’t remember her credentials). She made trying on different sizes and shapes so much fun. I also really appreciated them explaining everything to me and why we were doing it to help me make a more informed decision.

Post surgery, everything looks great. Dr Z did an amazing job. He is a master of his craft. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the way I was treated through the whole process. I will be going back for sure.


I can not say enough good things about Dr. Hayes.  I went in for breast augmentation and from the beginning of the process it was an amazing experience.  Before the surgery he spent at least 2 hours in consultations and phone time helping me decide what size was best for me.  Once the surgery was scheduled all the aftercare info was extremely precise and no questions left unanswered.  The day of the surgery everything was smooth sailing.  He came in and did an extensive before procedure walk through and made sure you are good with everything and explaining how everything is done.  After procedure appointments were prompt but he always made time to show how committed he was to you being happy with your outcome.  I am externally happy with my decision for the procedure and my choice in Dr.  I love my final outcome and would see him for any other procedure in a heartbeat!  Thank you for such a great experience!


Absolutely phenomenal!  Dr. Hayes is an extremely talented surgeon who goes above and beyond to understand the patient’s goals and meet and exceed them.  His entire staff was professional and friendly. I could not be happier with my results!  I give Dr. Hayes the highest recommendations.


Geneva is absolutely amazing! Love her!


Colleen is amazing in every way. She does a great job and I always learn so much. Hal at the front desk was very helpful and kind. Thank you!


Colleen Phillips was great! I would definitely recommend her to my friends.


The staff at Portland Plastic Surgery group are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Hayes was very friendly, informative, and easy to talk to. I was nervous to do a consultation but they made they helped make me feel comfortable.


Since the day I stepped foot in Dr. Hayes office , I knew he was a not like all the other plastic surgeons I had met with. He is kind, inviting, humble and willing to listen. He does not just tell you want you want to hear to pad his pocket. He in fact steers you in a direction that is safe for your body and recovery. Thank you Dr. Hayes for always being willing to listen, give professional advise even when I said , hey let’s do all my surgeries at once ;).


My in person consultation was very professional and personable. Questions were encouraged and answered directly. I will likely choose them to do my surgery. 4/5 due to my appt starting 30 mins late. Along with lack of information regarding cancellations. Was sent an email 48 hrs prior to my appt informing me that a 72hr notice is needed to not be charged the full price of the consultation. That being said I still enjoyed and appreciated my consultation. Dr. Hayes and staff were great.


Colleen discussed options and took her time explaining what each treatment offered and what I could expect. She came highly recommended to me and I was extremely pleased with my experience.


I had a consult with Dr. Hayes to see if I would be a good candidate for a tummy tuck revision. He took his time, answered all my questions and gave my a few options to consider. He was very good “bed side manner” and I felt 100% comfortable with him. His team was communicative, patient and friendly. Thank you for making this process smooth.


It’s been 3 months since my breast augmentation procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Dr. Hayes did an amazing job. They are so symmetrical and perfect! It was my first surgery so I was a bit nervous but he made me feel so comfortable through the whole process. He answered all of my questions and was so patient when I was indecisive about what size a wanted. I would highly recommend him, you won’t be disappointed.


The staff was very attentive, professional and courteous. Dr. O’Brian is great! She took time to answer all my questions. I feel good about my upcoming surgery.


Amazing! Dr. Hayes made me feel so comfortable from the very first meeting to every followup. He is very attentive, informative and patient! I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he had my wants and best interest in mind through the entire process. I would go back to him for any work that I wanted done! His staff is also fantastic, super friendly!


The staff, nurse, and doctor were all kind and knowledgeable.


Professional and friendly


I have met with Dr O’Brien twice. She is very approachable yet professional. She makes me feel comfortable and valued. Highly recommend the staff as well.


Had a great blepharoplasty experience with Doctor O’Brien. Also had BC reconstruction with Dr Zegzula 9 years ago and that has been fantastic too. Super happy with the results, love the office and providers.


I had my surgeries with Dr. Zegzula and clearly he cares about his work and both my surgeries with him went so well. He is a superb surgeon, which takes a lot of work and intention on his part and I respect him for that. He is also smart, calm, patient and gentle. Brittany has been kind and cheerful and reads my chart before the visit so she appears well prepared. Once you have the bandwidth: having a nurse navigator for breast reconstruction patients would be nice or having the MA or RN sum up the visit and next steps and take care of future scheduling right at that time. This might make it feel less like being on an assembly line. I know providers are so busy and not all have that skill set so it helps if support staff have a process to make patients feel empathized with.


5star service I love the stuff I love the professionalism I love the service


Dr Zegzula is one of the best in his field. I am so happy with the outcome of my breast reduction surgery. I feel so much better. I was treated with respect and dignity from day one, not only by him but by everyone and his office. It was a good decision to have the surgery and good decision to choose Dr Z.


I cannot say enough about Dr. Hayes!! He is by far one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen. He is kind, warm, friendly, professional and an amazing surgeon. He’s never in a rush and always has time to talk, explain things and answer any questions that you have.  He not only did a carpel tunnel surgery on my hand, He also did a breast reduction surgery for my 17 year old daughter. Both surgeries he did an amazing job!  I didn’t even need pain meds after my carpal tunnel surgery and daughter only needed them for 3 days.  Of course my daughter was a bit nervous and shy when she first came to the office but their office staff is so friendly and Dr. Hayes was so kind and warm and explain things in great detail before asking her if she was ready for the examination. From the first visit she she also knew that he was perfect for her surgery. She had a small frame and large breasts that were hurting her shoulders and back and has wanted this surgery for years. . Dr. Hayes  did an amazing job and she was so happy with her new breasts! We saw him the next day for follow up and he was easily available for any questions that we had until our next follow-up appointment. He truly cares about each of his patients. It’s a bit scary for anyone to have such a change to their body. But Dr. Hayes will not disappoint you! Once you meet him, you will know that he was the right doctor for you. Again I cannot say enough good things about him! Five stars just isn’t enough!


Incredible care, thoughtful staff, and fantastic results. Couldn’t ask for a better experience from Colleen and her team! Thank you all!


Very nice doctor and staff.


Absolutely loved working with Dr. Hayes, very charming and gave me the best advice. I normally wanted to go really big and if I did he said my nipples would point downward, I’m glad I listened. He knows what he is doing. He genuinely listened to my concerns and answered them professionally. I’d work with Mr. Hayes again.


Always warm, welcoming and on time! It’s my face, and I trust you with it. You have fantastic staff and I always leave feeling like I hung out w a friend.


Staff are very nice and friendly


Had a breast reduction by Dr.Zegzula. I was so nervous and worried about the outcome. From the very beginning to the end he made me feel very comfortable going over each step with confidence. I could not be happier with the results, he did an amazing job.  I just wish I would of done this sooner! I had a few other consultations with other surgeons and there was no comparison. So happy with my decision


I went to see Dr. Hayes for a cyst removal.  From the first phone call I made to the actual appointment, he and his staff were extremely professional, friendly and really cared about my health.  He was so highly recommended that I drove an hour for the procedure.  I have had absolutely no issues and I would definitely go back!  He was genuinely concerned about me.  I also had some other questions and concerns and he took the time to go over everything with me.  Dr. Hayes is wonderful and I would highly recommend him!  Thank you!!


Dr. Zegzula did my breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy and I could not be happier with the outcome! At no point in time did I feel like my expanders/ implants were lopsided or odd shaped. My size and shape is perfect and I am very happy with the whole process.  I enjoyed everyone I met and worked with at Portland Plastic Surgery!


Dr Hayes extremely knowledgable and professional doctor. I had a very nice experience with him and he answered all my questions and concerns. Also he was booked for a month, but because of my situation he took me much earlier. I really appreciate everything he did. I will recommend him. His stuff very kind as well!


Outstanding customer service and some of the nicest, most helpful people you could ever meet. They always answer and get back to you as soon as they can. Much better than the other places I’ve tried to go through first. Definitely coming back for a surgery when my budget permits it! Thank you guys!


Dr. Hayes and his staff make me feel comfortable and valued each time I open their door. He is meticulous so if you’re looking for someone to be a “yes man” he’s not it. He’s the kind of person that is completely raw and honest with limitations on how much he can help you get as close as you can to your desired outcome. I’ve already recommended Dr hayes to friends.


Dr. Baltrusch was personable, professional and explained what you could expect with my upcoming surgery. Looking forward to more discussions, and a successful surgery.


Dr. Zegzula performed my reconstruction after a bilateral mastectomy.  He truly has a gift and I so appreciate that he shares it!!!  There is a reason why he has the reputation along with Dr. Nathalie Johnson as ‘The Dream Team’.  I highly recommend him and am blessed to have had a trusted family member recommend him to me.


I had reconstructive breast surgery with Dr. Zegzula, following a bilateral mastectomy due to stage 2 breast cancer; i.e., after my two natural boobs had to be removed, he gave me two new ones…and they’re great!  I had interviewed a few other surgeons, but felt an immediate connection with Dr. Zegzula. He’s a no-nonsense doctor who explains things clearly and relates well with his patients. His staff/assistants are very professional and competent as well.  Their practice has worked with many a case like mine, yet never treated me as just another case–I think this is an important point because I’ve encountered surgeons whom I sensed were looking at me as a case, without listening to me. I started working with Dr. Zegzula in November 2015, coming out of my mastectomy with tissue expanders in my chest…over the course of four expansions, then radiation/recovery…all the way up until my final reconstruction surgery in September 2016. Throughout the process, I’ve felt like I was in good hands, they took the time for my questions, listened to what I wanted and gave solid advice.  Having interviewed other surgeons and seen photos of their prior patients’ outcomes, I am confident that I made a great choice with Dr. Zegzula – he’s a perfectionist and it shows.


I had the opportunity to see Dr. Obrien and I don’t think I can say enough wonderful things about her. From the moment I met her I felt completely comfortable and knew I was in good hands. She is so understanding and supportive. Not only was she amazing but the entire staff is also. They are so welcoming and supportive, I was so happy with my experience! I will definitely refer everyone I know to come there. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.


I saw Dr. Zegzula at Oregon Plastic Surgeon office for breast augmentation and had an all around great experience. I knew what I wanted and they were able to accommodate and expedite my requests in a friendly and professional manor. Staff was very polite, personable and discreet. Dr. Zegzula was very friendly and professional and his work is outstanding. I’m extremely pleased with my results and the recovery was fast and easy. There were zero post operative complications and the results are exactly as we wanted.


I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Dr. Hayes. I had a procedure this summer and from start to finish he gave me the highest level of care. I had plenty of time and access to him for questions and support as needed. I complete trust him and highly recommend you see him for your next plastic surgery procedure!


I first saw Dr. Obrien for a consultation for breast reconstruction due to breast cancer/bilateral mastectomy.  I selected her to perform my reconstruction surgery.  The thing I appreciated most about Dr. Obrien other than her pure skill, is her honesty.  She was very realistic about the outcomes of reconstruction.  It’s been 3 years and I am still happy with the results!

I met Colleen Phillips at a skincare event at Dr. Obrien’s office.  I’ve always had acne scarring and asked Colleen what she would recommend to improve the smoothness/texture of my skin.  I ended up having laser (pixel) on my face.  Colleen was wonderful and she too gave me very realistic expectations.  My skin was not perfect after a treatment, but considerably improved.  PPS got a new laser in March -this one a fractional laser.  Colleen talked me through the difference in this laser vs. the pixel, and the benefits of this new laser.  I had a full face treatment with the new laser and was extremely pleased how much less painful this was after the treatment.  The healing was also much better than the previous laser, and I have to say I’m still seeing my skin improve 4 weeks later!  I really appreciated that Colleen is conscientious of my budget and is really honest about results that I can expect.  I plan to do some spot treatments next fall with the laser.

I completely trust Dr. Obrien and Colleen.  I would recommend them to anyone that needs or wants to improve the look of themselves.


Amazing doctors and staff


The staff is all very nice and the doctor is very welcoming.


Staff was very friendly and respectful


The office was immaculate, staff helpful and friendly and Dr Hayes is extraordinary. He took the time to really hear me and work with me to understand what I needed. He’s not just a yes man, he’s thoughtful and I left feeling like we have a great plan to move forward together.


Dr O’Brien took a long time to go over surgery procedures with me – I felt “ready to go” after all the personal help and attention!


Dr. O’Brien is so supportive, so engaged, and so willing to answer questions. Her professionalism has been exemplary. I never thought I would actually look forward to surgery, haha!


I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Hayes! I felt safe and comfortable with him before surgery and every day since. Schedule a consultation with him and you will see for yourself!


I absolutely Love, Love, Love Colleen. I look forward to seeing her, catching up and feeling and looking refreshed after a treatment.


Dr. Zegzula performed a beautiful breast reduction for me. I had looked at post-breast reduction photos online to prepare myself. Most of the photos looked pretty unnatural, some were awful. I was prepared for the worst, but happy to be getting the weight and pain off my shoulders, neck, arms, and upper back. My pain relief was almost immediate.

When I saw my breasts a week after surgery, I was wowed! I’m 59, and now I have the breasts of a 16 year old cheerleader. When I show them to people, which I really love to do, they almost always say, “Wow!” Sure, there are scars, which will fade, and they aren’t exactly like young cheerleader breasts, but I could not be more pleased.

Four months later, one of my closest friends, who is 79, had a breast reduction with Dr. Zegzula, and she has been so pleased, too. (I haven’t seen them, so I don’t know if they look like cheerleader breasts!)

I recommend Dr. Zegzula without reservation.


I’m so glad I ended up with PPSG for my post-double mastectomy recustruction. Dr. Zegzula is amazing. The staff at the office is nice and friendly.


I met Dr. Baltrusch after a breast cancer Diagnosis. I consulted with him about my reconstruction options. Dr. Baltrusch Was confident and gave me so much reassurance that I did have options. Surgery was scheduled and I am so happy with my results. His work is awesome. He was caring and compassionate I felt like I was in good hands. If you’re considering any plastic surgery I would highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Baltrusch for going above and beyond.


I give a my highest recommendation for Dr. Zegzula. I have dealt with Chronic illness for many years and have encountered countless Doctors of many specialties. I can only include a handful that I have felt complete respect, admired, trusted, and that took care of me with expertise, exceptional skill and a “Bed side” manner swell as instilled a feeling of comfort, confidence, hope and eased fear. Daniel Zegzula is one of the few!!! I have had five procedures done by him, over the past 10 years and My treatment has never been less than superior and always exceeded satisfying results!!! When so many other doctors have failed and left me feeling lost,vulnerable and distrusting,he has always gone above any expectations. I might add, I am not a typical patent, quite discerning, having been raised in a house hold with medical professionals and so it comes with great affection that I praise this extraordinary physician and surgeon.

Dr Hayes is hands down one of the best plastic surgeons in the Portland area! I’ve had a phenomenal experience from my first consultation to the months following my surgery. If I had any questions or concerns, I would text Dr Hayes and had a response from him within minutes. I have NOT experienced any pain nor complications and I was able to return to work within a few days following my surgery, which is beyond amazing!

I couldn’t be more pleased with my results and I am beyond happy for choosing Dr Hayes as my surgeon!


I was recommend by family to see Dr Hayes after one of my implants ruptured (breast augmentation many years prior) I was able to get in to see him the same morning. And was on the schedule a week later. Had my surgery Monday morning and back to driving myself to work Wednesday afternoon. Dr Hayes is personal, very informative and was easily accessible. He was available for questions / concerns, checked up on me after hrs and even wknds. Having your Dr there for you during times of healing means a great deal to me. I’d recommend him to my friends and family for sure!


Amanda, my injection provider, has the lightest touch and does beautiful work!


I honestly can’t say enough good things about Portland Plastic Surgery Group. I had a great experience! I went in for a microneedling treatment with Martha and she was just lovely – truly! She immediately put me at ease with her professional but approachable demeanor and humor. I never felt uncomfortable or judged and she explained everything she was going to do clearly and kindly. She performed the procedure efficiently and sent me home with awesome skin care samples to try! I love samples! Then, after my treatment with Martha, I met with Amanda for a consultation about facial fillers. And just like Martha, Amanda was warm, attentive and professional. she answered all my questions patiently, and then suggested a treatment plan that I felt good about, and that was well within my budget. I’ll be returning soon for fillers and another treatment with Martha. And it wasn’t just the providers who were exemplary. The receptionist out front was delightful as well! She was friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel completely welcome as soon I walked in the door. I was feeling a little vulnerable and strange as I had no make-up on, and she and the other girls made me feel right at home. I’m very happy with my results and the care I received at Portland Plastic Surgery Group and plan to become a regular patient there!


Dr Baltrush was great. He was very thorough describing the procedure and laid out the plans in a very understandable way. I appreciated that we met first to discuss everything and then I changed into the “gown” for the exam. After our meeting I was more than confident that this is the right doctor for me.


Dr Zegzula is amazing! Very personable, extremely informative, understanding & realistic. I was recommended to him and will most definitely be recommending him to other prospective clients.


I felt my consultation was very professional as well as personable. Every one was friendly and caring.


I have had the best experience with this office. Every single one of their employees are incredibly nice and helpful. Very understanding and accompanied. I would recommend them 100%. I had the pleasure of having a breast augmentation by Dr Hayes. I wish I can explain my experience more but I would just like to say that if I could get my coins done again, I would. The whole experience was such a pleasant, easy, relaxing one. 10/10


I recently had a breast reduction performed by Dr. Zegzula. The care provided prior to, during, and after the procedure so far has been top notch and the entire team seems to legitimately care. I’m incredibly happy with the results of this surgery and recovery has been better than expected. This is truly going to be a life changer for me. Thank you always to Dr. Zegzula and team for everything.


I received an excellent treatment and services from the doctors and nurses. The doctor gave me good advice and he was very kind.


Everyone was very friendly


Extremely thorough but most important extremely intelligent


Staff is friendly and professional. Best doctors around.


Every member of the staff that I have interacted with has been kind, polite, professional, and respectful. I have such a good feeling about trusting such an important procedure to these individuals.


Everyone in the office was so nice! The surgeon was professional and personable


Great experience by all staff and Dr. Kyle B! Happy camper!


I have had the extreme pleasure of working with the team at Portland Plastic Surgery Group, and Dr. Brien in particular for three surgical procedures. I really can’t say enough. From my initial consultation in a warm and beautiful setting, to walking me through applying for financial assistance through Care Credit, to the day of surgery and the after care follow up visits, all experiences thus far have exceeded any expectations I could’ve had. The bedside manner, kind approach and surgical recommendations have been at the highest level of professionalism. Going into my first consultation, I was a bundle of nerves and embarrassed for the reasons I was there and felt very vulnerable, however Dr. O’Brien and her MA, Shannon Ware put me at ease immediately. After only a minute of discussion, I was comfortable and confident that I was at the right place and I would be in the best hands. Both Dr. O’Brien and Shannon Ware have such a gentle way about them. They are kind, caring, they listen to your concerns, are candid about what you can expect with the results of your procedure and put your health and safety above all else. I developed a minor blood clot in my leg after my initial procedure and Dr. O’Brien and Shannon called my health care provider and arranged to have me seen immediately at urgent care and followed up with me the next day to ensure I was ok. I felt that the gesture went above and beyond normal expectations and I was incredibly grateful for it. Thankfully, I was fine after a few days and when I fully healed from my initial surgical procedures, the results were phenomenal and I am an incredibly satisfied patient.  I would recommend PPSG and Dr. O’Brien in a heartbeat and know that I will seek her out for future procedures. Thank you!


Dr. Hayes and his team were super polite and nice. They made me feel comfortable as I was nervous before coming in. They helped answered all of my questions and was patient with me.


Dr. Hayes is a highly skilled, easy to communicate with surgeon.  It is rare that you find physicians that are equally competent as they are approachable.  His bedside manner is excellent and reassuring.  I would highly recommend Dr. Hayes and will definitely visit him again in the future.


Excellent care and support Staff!


The Dr. was kind and relatable. She made me feel comfortable and right at home. Staff were welcoming and pleasant. The space was clean and the environment calm.


Dr Hayes is outstanding! Listens well, humble, good sense of humor, conservative approach and very accessible. Go see him. You will not regret it.


When was the last time you left a medical office of any kind pleasantly surprised?

I have Kaiser Permanente insurance and due to some issues with their cosmetic dermatology department, they referred me to Portland Plastic Surgery Group. I had no idea what to expect.

I walked in a few minutes early and was pleasantly greeted by Gaylene who was very polite and efficient. After sitting down for maybe two minutes, I was taken back to the consultation room by Ashley and a minute later, Colleen came in to see me. She listened to my concerns about the skin tags growing around my eyes. She said, “I know they said you would have to come back, but I have time now and I can take care of this for you today if you’d like.”

Yes, you read that correctly. A medical professional offering to make things easier for her patient.

I had time so I agreed to go through the minor procedure right then and there. Colleen took time to explain exactly what she was going to do and how long it would take. The procedure went incredibly well. I had more than 20 skin tags removed from around my eyes; many of them were in really difficult spots right along the eyelids. Many of them were really small and required a really calm, steady hand. There was only a minimum amount of discomfort and Colleen talked me through the whole procedure.

I walked in to the office at 9:05 and I was sitting in my car at 10:02. Yes, less than an hour. Yes, only one visit to fix what I needed.

Before I went I had a dollar amount in mind for how much this would cost because I checked with a  few other places and also, I asked the receptionist when I made my appointment here. Since this procedure is cosmetic, I knew I would have to pay out of pocket because Kaiser would not cover this. Portland Plastic Surgery Group charged me much less than I originally had anticipated.

As a social worker, I really appreciate all they did. Skin tags around the eyes are not a big deal to most people but the size and location of mine were really something that embarrassed me.

Thank you for an excellent experience.


Love everything about Portland Plastic Surgery. Colene is the best!!


Great experience from the very beginning.


They are professional and caring. They listened and take appropriate time to review all concerns.


I’ve been seeing Colleen at Portland Plastic Surgery for almost 6 years now, and I can’t recommend her enough! She’s incredibly kind and always does a phenomenal job!


Very professional and well qualified/trained staff. I have been a patient here for over 5 years-always excellent thoughtful care. Colleen Phillips PA is the best with Botox and fillers.


Colleen is so amazing at what she does! My filler looks so great, and really natural. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Colleen, you are a rock star!!!


I’m so glad that Dr. Hayes was my hand surgeon. Drawing is my life, so when I severed a tendon in my drawing hand, I needed the best to get my hand back to normal. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. He was so very friendly and patient. I would greatly recommend him to not only people pursuing cosmetic surgery, but anyone who is looking for exceptional hand surgeons.


Wonderful service, I highly recommend!


Portland plastic surgery group was an excellent experience! Everyone was very professional and answered all of my questions and more! Excellent facility! Clean, friendly and I would recommend all of my friends/family to go there.


Colleen is simply the best, she does great work and is very professional and friendly. I love coming in to see her


Dr. Hayes and his whole team were amazing! I left feeling excited and had all my questions answered. They were all knowledgeable, sweet, and understanding to me needs. I look forward to working with Dr. Hayes and am so happy I chose him and Portland Plastic Surgery.


I met with Dr. Zegzula who made me feel extremely comfortable and was very informative as well as honest. I was nervous going into the consultation and I’m really happy I met with someone who is considerate and empathetic.


I recently had a surgical procedure and was extremely satisfied with the entire experience. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Hayes and the anthesiologist, Dr. Bruce Bolton, came in and explained what would happen and what I could expect regarding my surgery. Their knowledge and expertise made me feel comfortable and confident. I would highly recommend doctor Hayes to friends and family and anyone in need of a surgical procedure.


Dr. Austin Hayes took just time to explain procedures very thoroughly and was honest about what he could improve and couldn’t … I was impressed by his genuine and honest personality.


Dr. O’brien is the absolute best. Se is fantastic in all areas. I have been lucky enough to know her for a long time, and she is a gem in the vast array of professionals and people in general. I wish there were more of her!


Everyone that I encountered in the office was super friendly! I met with Martha and she was so nice and helpful. I am looking forward to my next appointment.


I appreciated Martha’s expertise and willingness to speak to me at length about IPL vs a chemical peel.


I love working with Dr Hayes. He is kind and thoughtful in his recommendations. He gave me options and we discussed them


Dr. Hayes spent a great deal of time with me discussing my options. He is a straight shooter and was totally transparent with me. I never felt rushed, and he has an amazing bedside manner. I would trust him going further.


Amanda was amazing! I’m in love with my new lips! She made me feel totally comfortable from the beginning and was super professional! I will definitely be back to Amanda!


I was relaxed, no nerves, and am so happy with my results!! Thanks so much!


Dr Hayes is amazing. I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice in surgeon. Seriously! And his staff and the surgery staff were equally wonderful.


I had a wonderful consult. Dr Hayes is very kind and detailed.


Dr. O always spends tons of time with me and gives me very comprehensive answers. The rest of the staff are always so kind and friendly. I actually enjoy these visits.


The entire team at Portland Plastic Surgery was friendly, kind, attentive and professional. Excellent !


Highly recommend Dr. Hayes for any surgical needs. Dr. Hayes is personable, honest, and caring. You can really tell he wants his patients to have the very best outcome. I refer all my clients, friends, and family to him. He does beautiful work!  Schedule your consult and see for your self, you will not be disappointed.


This was my first time having a cosmetic procedure done Amanda was so informative and helpful. She was inquisitive and thoughtful in asking questions to make sure I got the results I was looking for and I couldn’t be more pleased! I’ll definitely be coming back.


Portland Plastic surgery group is everything you want in a cosmetic procedure center and more. Their staff is friendly and professional, the office is always clean and tidy, and they are very communicative regarding schedule. They offer a wide array of services and I’ve never been disappointed. If you’re looking for a center for your cosmetic needs, look no further.


Dr. Zegzula performed my reconstruction after a bilateral mastectomy.  He is an amazing surgeon and I am more than pleased with the outcome!  His staff were extremely personable throughout the processes as well.  I highly recommend Dr. Zegzula for reconstruction as well as any cosmetic procedures you choose!


Dr. Zegzula was not only professional, but so genuinely caring of what my wants and needs were. He was honest with me in every sense and I very much appreciated him and the whole Portland Plastic Surgery Group.


Masterful hands! Dr.Hayes exceed my expectations. Highly recommend for plastic surgery desires.


Portland Plastic Surgery is the best! I go religiously for Botox, the entire staff is the sweetest & most professional. Thank you for al that you do!


Love this place! Dr Obrien is an amazing and compassionate doctor. She really cares for her patients. The entire staff is great!


I’ve shopped around Portland for a surgeon and a team I could have confidence in and I finally found it with Dr. Zegzula and his team. They were kind and very professional. Dr. Zegzula made me feel very comfortable, heard, and confident in his skills. I definitely recommend him.


Colleen has worked on me for several years w/a steady hand, knowledgeable procedures, welcoming smile and sincere concern for my well being. I am lucky to have her in my professional medical circle.


Dr Zegzula and his staff are amazing


Portland Plastic Surgery Group is an amazing group of people who always make you feel welcome, comfortable, and looking forward to coming back. They are very professional and knowledgeable. We couldn’t have been in better hands!


Dr. Austin Hayes was excellent. I was extremely impressed with the service and kindness. I was nervous about getting Botox again as I’ve had it done once before by Dr. Darm and bruised severely, then was rushed out. Dr. Hayes took the time to walk through the procedure and made me feel very comfortable. Not to mention the results were perfect. I just gave birth to twin girls and felt like my face needed a little TLC and this did the trick. The lines between my brows are completely gone. I definitely recommend him.


The staff here always goes above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are met. They’re so friendly, knowledgable and helpful in making sure you get exactly what you want and understand everything throughout the entire process. Everything from botox to plastic surgery, couldn’t recommend them enough! <3


Wonderful office and staff. Always enjoy my visits.


Colleen is amazing! An absolute expert when it comes to injectables.


Dr. O’Brien was very easy to work with, explaining everything and listening to my concerns. She did an excellent job on the surgery and I’m pleased with the result. Sometimes I had a difficult time being in touch with staff but it all worked out fine.


Professional and friendly at the same time. I received pertinent information and a thorough check-up.Dr. O’Brien spent time explaining my options and my many questions.


Colleen Phillips PA provided exceptional care!


Love Colleen! The warmth and friendliness in the office is amazing. Thank you:)


Dear Dr. Zegzula & wonderful staff,
Thank you so much for all your support, patience, and kindness during this difficult time. Your expertise, attention to detail, genuine concern, and humor is greatly appreciated. Your office staff is friendly, accommodating, compassionate, and, of course, knowledgeable. I am so appreciative and thankful.

Dear Colleen,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for easing my mind about my breast reconstruction surgery! I walked out of your office both calmer and thankful. Dr. Zegzula is at the helm. You and he both have been so good to me.
Christa B.*

Dr. Zegzula,
Thank you for the kind and compassionate care you have given me through all my (3!) surgeries. Your excellent skills and abilities have given me a great new look that I can finally be proud of. (Coming from a nurse that is a pretty big compliment☺) Many blessings to you now and in the future!
Linda Y.*

Dr. O’Brien,
Thank you for all your kind, compassionate care.
Kathy F.*

Dear Colleen,
Thanks for your usual impeccable care.

Dear Dr. Zegzula,
I met you two years ago & even now there are many days that I reflect on my luck. You found the perfect solution for me & all went well. Your competence, support & caring made the whole process much easier than it might have been and that is much appreciated. Thank you!
All the best to you,
Barbara C.*

Dear Colleen,
Thank you for your gentle touch (NO BRUISING) AND helping me look my BEST. PPSG is lucky to have you and they know it!

I just wanted to thank you for letting me come in and doing my filler. It was such a joy to see you and re-connect. You’re a Beautiful human and I’m glad to know someone as special as you are! Thanks for taking care of me!
Shannon L.*

Dear Dr. Zegzula,
I met you two years ago & even now there are many days that I reflect on my luck. You found the perfect solution for me & all went well. Your competence, support & caring made the whole process much easier than it might have been and that is much appreciated.
Thank you!*

Dear Colleen,
Thank you for your gentle touch (NO BRUISING) AND helping me look my BEST. PPSG is lucky to have you and they know it!

Dear Dr. Zegzula,
I met you two years ago & even now there are many days that I reflect on my luck. You found the perfect solution for me & all went well. Your competence, support & caring made the whole process much easier than it might have been and that is much appreciated. Thank you!
All the best to you,
Barbara C.*

Dr. O’Brien,
Thank you for all the guidance, care and patience to help us through our process. We so appreciate all the information and great skills. You have helped to make our decision easier and clearer.
We can’t thank you enough, all our best,
M & D*

Dr. Zegzula,
I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did for me, particularly during a time that I wasn’t always at my best. I really appreciate your skills (obviously!) but also you- as a person, for the caring and humor you extended to me this past year- that made getting through this cancer crap much easier. I will happily refer you to other who need your services. Thank you again.
Have a fantastic day!

Dear Dr. Z,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my boobs, I mean my heart for being a part of my journey. Your skill & art as a surgeon is impeccable. This past year had been hands down the most difficult one of my life so far, but even with the open wound infection, wound vac & brick tits, I have never looked back, doubted or regretted my decision. I have potentially avoided something that could be much worse- breast cancer. I will never forget you and will be forever grateful for your support, optimism and persistence. It has been very hard to watch my body change so much, but I am so happy with my results & can now move forward & put this all behind me.
Thank you!
Sarah A.*

Thank you Dr. O’Brien for taking such good care of me!!! I truly appreciate your time and helping me feel more beautiful!!! Your staff is amazing as well! Please thank them on my behalf!

Dear Shannon O’Brien,
Thank you Dr. so much for your kind and comforting demeanor through my meetings and procedure. Your entire staff provided me with a sense of relief and calm before and after the procedure. I had an outstanding experience. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed getting to know all of you.

I came to see Dr. Zegzula last May. I have two children ages 2 and 4. After two cesareans and nursing my body didn’t feel like it was mine. I explained what I wanted to accomplished with Dr. Zegzula and he helped me achieve what I couldn’t from diet and exercise. I underwent breast augmentation and abdominoplasty surgery and spent this summer in a bikini for the first time since having my children. I have more confidence, self-esteem and motivation and I have Dr. Zegzula to thank for this.*

When I first met Dr. Zegzula I found him to be intelligent, compassionate and easy to talk with. His staff kept me informed through out the entire process. I am positive in my decision to have surgery and I am certain that I chose the best surgeon in town.*

Dr. O’Brien,
I just wanted to get you a little gift to thank you for my beautiful new eyes! They look better everyday and I’m so thankful for your time and expertise. I appreciate all the time you spent explaining the procedure, expected results and recovery.

Thank you so much! We are both extremely satisfied and grateful for Michelle’s care and the results very nice and considerate for the professional courtesy. We are also grateful for all the assistance and care we received from Colleen.

Dr. Zegzula,
Celebrating the beauty of the season and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your staff and you are amazing (even when I’m late!) Thank you so much for giving me a better confidence, I do not have to hide myself anymore. You are the best and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Dr. Zegzula & Staff/Team,
Thank you for the amazing care throughout all 3 surgeries this year! My end result is better than I thought would be possible. Thank you so much for everything! I hope you all have an awesome holiday.

Dear Dr. O’Brien & Staff,
Thank you so much for all your kindness in my time of need. Dr. O’Brien the confidence and professionalism you instilled in me will never be forgotten. I was lost and only been here for 8 months…I can only say thank you so much!

*Individual results may vary.