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Spa Services

Our extensive spa services make it easy for men and women alike to find top-of-the-line skin care at our medical spa right here in Portland, Oregon. Our licensed aestheticians are here to help you spend the day relaxing your mind while you improve the condition of your skin. Here, browse our spa menu to explore the treatments we offer and learn which one may be best for you.

We're excited to help you relax in our spa while you renew your skin. Request a consultation online, or call us directly at (503) 292-9200 to set up your appointment.

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Your Experience

Whether you visit us for a full day of treating yourself or a quick treatment session, you can expect the same great service from Portland Plastic Surgery Group. Once you're here, you'll be provided with a soft, comfortable robe and headband. You'll dress down in your treatment room, so your belongings will stay near you at all times.

If you're having a facial service, it's ideal (but not required) for you to arrive without makeup. Every facial ends with an application of tinted moisturizer. If you're having a peel or dermaplaning treatment, keep in mind that we recommend avoiding makeup application after your treatment for the remainder of the day.

We don't require you to arrive early to your appointment, but we would like to remind you that arriving late results in a shorter service. To enjoy the best experience possible, please arrive on time.

Facials, Wraps, & Peels

All facials include a thorough skincare evaluation with our licensed esthetician, a cleanse, exfoliation, hydration, and sunscreen application.

Aromatherapy Facial | 75 minutes | $100

Soothe your skin and relax your mind with this holistic approach to skin care that will satisfy all of your needs. Choose your aroma and then experience steam cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, hydration and revitalization. Melt away stress with décolletage, face, and neck massages to detoxify, stimulate, and tone your skin.

Therapeutic Facial | 60 minutes | $75

A customized facial for when your skin needs a little extra help. Whether it be cooling, deep pore cleansing, or intensive hydration, this facial with extractions, steaming, and more is sure to leave your skin glowing.

Lunchtime Facial | 30 minutes | $55

A "pick-me-up" treatment to suit your individual needs and busy schedule.

Enhancements | $15 each

  • "C and Sea" Mask: Bursting with antioxidants and spirulina, this mask improves elasticity to reduce fine lines and replenish skin with nourishing minerals.
  • Anti-Free Radical Mask: The ingredients in this mask ease excessive dryness and give your skin lasting revitalization.
  • Rose Mask: This scented mask soothes sensitive skin, diffusing redness and healing capillaries. Algae and spirulina help restore vital minerals.
  • Skin Brightening Mask: This mask delivers instant, superior brightening benefits to promote a more even skin tone.

Body Wrap | 60 minutes | $100

This stimulating and soothing body treatment will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. During the treatment, your skin will be exfoliated, softened with a hydrating mask, and softly wrapped. A mini facial treatment is administered while you relax in your wrap and renew your body and mind.

Dermaplaning | $60 à la carte | $45 as an add-on

Similar in concept to microdermabrasion, dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation that doesn't use suction or abrasive minerals. Instead, a medical-grade sterile blade is lightly stroked along the skin at an angle. This process gently "shaves off" dead skin cells and fine vellus hair from the skin, leaving behind an incredibly smooth surface.

As with any kind of exfoliation, reducing the layer of dead, outer skin cells allows topical and at-home products to be more effective, reduces the appearance of fine lines, evens the skin tone, and assists in reducing milia, blackheads, and minor breakouts associated with congested pores.

V.I. Peel | 30 minutes | $250

Very controlled, safe, yet strong, this peel is excellent for renewing skin. It's also a good choice for treating hyperpigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, and other signs of aging. It can be administered up to 4 times per year. The V.I. Peel includes TCA, salicylic acid, and a retinoic acid blend.

ZO® Stimulator Peel | 30 minutes | $100

Also known as the "lunchtime peel" or "red-carpet peel," this brightening and exfoliating peel boasts no downtime. It helps refresh your skin and gets you glowing for date night, a special event, or just because! The ZO Stimulator peel includes lactic and salicylic acids.

SkinMedica® Illuminize Peel® | 30 minutes | $100

Get bright, radiant skin with very little downtime with the Illuminize Peel from SkinMedica. It's the perfect peel for treating mild imperfections, and it's gentle enough to enjoy monthly.

Waxing Services

  • Brow | $25 à la carte | $20 as an add-on
  • Lip | $15 à la carte | $18 as an add-on
  • Chin | $15 à la carte | $18 as an add-on
  • Cheeks | $15 à la carte | $18 as an add-on

Signature Brow Shaping

À la carte | $25

Add-on | $20

Laser Services

Laser Hair Reduction

We price our laser hair reduction services based on hair color, density, and the area treated. We recommend these treatments as a package of 3 sessions, spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. However, it may take up to 6 treatments to achieve desired results.

  • "Spot" treatment | $75
  • Small area: lip, chin, areola, eyebrow, "happy trail" | $300 for 3 treatments | $110 à la carte
  • Medium area: underarms, face, neck, bikini line, chest, shoulder, back patch, forearm, upper arm | $500 for 3 treatments | $175 à la carte
  • Large area (full chest, full back, full arms, upper or lower legs, Brazilian | $700 for 3 treatments | $250 à la carte

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Also known as a "photofacial" or "laser facial," IPL is a great way to treat sun damage, mild rosacea, brown spots, and even small blood vessels. IPL offers fresher-looking skin with minimal discomfort and no downtime at all. We recommend this treatment as a package of 3 sessions, spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart.

  • Face, neck, or chest | $850 for 3 treatments | $300 à la carte
  • Face and neck | $1,450 for 3 treatments | $500 à la carte
  • Face, neck, and chest | $1,900 for 3 treatments | $650 à la carte
  • Hands | $500 for 3 treatments | $200 à la carte

Treatments for pigmented lesions, sun spots, solar lentigo, or vascular lesions are priced as follows:

  • Spot treatment | $75
  • Small area | $200
  • Medium area | $375
  • Large area | $550
  • Extra-large area | $700 and up

Erbium Laser Resurfacing

Our erbium laser services include targeted laser skin resurfacing and laser peels. We use a 2,940-nanometer laser for more comprehensive rejuvenation than IPL. Erbium laser resurfacing treats fine lines and wrinkles in addition to textural irregularities, pore size, and acne scars.

Laser resurfacing requires a consultation first in order to evaluate your skin and prepare you for the procedure. In some cases, we may recommend a preliminary skin care regimen. Because undergoing erbium resurfacing requires you to stay out of the sun for about a month, it's a popular treatment in fall, winter, and spring.

  • Spot treatment | $75
  • Face | $1,200
  • Face and neck | $1,900
  • Face, neck, and chest | $2,600

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